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There are hundreds of different accommodations in Amsterdam. How do you choose the right accommodation to stay? Therefore you can find the right Accommodation in Amsterdam on this website.

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So many people, so many wishes. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something near attractions or at a park or everything within walking distance.

Amsterdam may be the capital of the Netherlands, but it is not extremely large in total area such as New York, Berlin or London. That’s why everything is pretty close. Even so close that all accommodations in Amsterdam can easily be reached by the different kind of Transportation from the moment you arrive by plain or train.

It is therefore not difficult to find the right accommodation that meets your requirements. The difference is mainly in the amount of luxury, experience or privacy you want.

Discover the accommodations in Amsterdam. Meanwhile tips for other guests can be mentioned in the comments below.


Amsterdam offers a variety of hotels from simple hotels to top of the world accommodations in the city. We have listed the 10 best hotels in Amsterdam. In addition, we naturally offer an option to search for suitable hotel accommodations in Amsterdam.

Bed and breakfast

Personally this is the favorite. A Bed and Breakfast in Amsterdam is the ultimate experience to discover the city from a real living room atmosphere. Above all, the advantage is to get a lot of inside information about the city. Meanwhile make discoveries that tourists don’t normally experience.


If you go for a low budget then you are in the right place. The city of Amsterdam offers enough possibilities to sleep cheaply and cheaply in a hostel. The advantage of Hostels in Amsterdam is easy contact with other visitors. This ultimately results in the exchange of fun experiences and tips.

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