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Every year there are many recurring events in Amsterdam. Visit a free event or choose a paid events. What you choose of course depends on what you are looking for.

Events in Amsterdam

Many large events in Amsterdam attract thousands of visitors. But luckily there are also small scale events for the intimate feeling. Just be on time, otherwise you will have to wait another year.

King’s Day

Perhaps the event of the year is King’s Day in Amsterdam. It seems if the complete city of Amsterdam is going mad with parties. Because it is not just a day, it is our king’s birthday. And of course we need to drink, a lot of drinks. You can read what you can expect on our King’s Day page

Gay Pride

The Gay Pride in Amsterdam is actually officially called Pride Amsterdam. But what most people come for is really the closing weekend. The highlight is the Canal Parade with dozens of boats on the canals. One even more eccentric than the other. Of course even then the city is full of exuberant people. There are festivals at many locations and otherwise there are plenty of nice bars to keep you entertained.

New Year’s Eve

What a party on the streets with New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam. Although you will not encounter large parties in the center. Fortunately there are well known clubs with special themes. And as an Exception to the Rules, there is quite a lot of drinking and dancing on the street.

Amsterdam Light Festival

The Light Festival in Amsterdam is unique in the world. Every year, different types of illuminated art objects are placed throughout the city. Most of them are in, on or around the water. Besides that there are even separate Light Festival Canal Cruises for this event. Every year the festival has a different theme. Really an event that is worthwhile for the whole family.

Tulip Festival in Amsterdam

The Tulip Festival returns to more than 85 different places in Amsterdam every year. Because if there is anything the city is famous for, it is those famous tulips. Discover where these almost noble flowers are planted and enjoy all the colors and scents of this plant. The tulips are almost impossible to miss.

Canal Festival in Amsterdam

The Canal Festival in Amsterdam is about music. The Amsterdam canals are the hosts of great and talented musicians from all over the world. During your stay you enjoy more than 80 free classical concerts. Of course with the famous Prinsengracht Concert as the high point. A nice mix of classical and contemporary music together.

More Events in Amsterdam to be added soon

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