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The Amsterdam Light Festival is the most enlightening event in Amsterdam. Every year in December and January the Light Festival returns to Amsterdam. The historic centre of the city then becomes a major public light art festival.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Nothing is as good as free art. Even better if this is in public areas. And of course this art takes care of the light all by itself. It almost sounds too good to be true, but in this case it is not.

The Amsterdam Light Festival is a real art show to promote the city in a different way. Therefore each year there is a new theme during the event. All art is made in the same theme style. That is why all art can still be recognized as a larger whole for the attentive visitor.

And if we find something nice in Amsterdam, it’s free. Especially in the evening hours it is recommended to walk along the canals and the route of the Amsterdam Light Festival to walk.

Light Festival Cruises

If you prefer to watch this special event sitting down, then step into one of the many Light Festival Cruises. You can see one beautiful design after another while lapping over the water. Maybe an unnecessary tip, but book your cruise with a delicious dinner or drinks package to finish it all off.

Light Festival Cruise

The Light Festival is one of the most beautiful moments to sail through the canals of Amsterdam.

Maybe you want a more active challenge or want to travel the route faster. Of course this is possible to do with a Bike Tour. Be alert, as the streets are very busy. Especially in the evening hours when the lights are at their best.

If you just missed this event, don’t worry. There are several Events in Amsterdam all year round.

We like to make a booking for a Canal Cruise during the light festival as easy as possible. That is why we have selected 6 off our favourite tours

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