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The Gay Pride in Amsterdam is not just any event. While Pride Amsterdam is to encourage you to be who you are. Amsterdam is then taken over by the LHBT community for over a week.

Gay Pride in Amsterdam

Lesbians, Homosexuals, Bisexuals and Transgenders take over the capital with festivals, exhibitions and meetings. Of course, all with the intention of gaining acceptance from the entire community about who they are.

Canal Parade Amsterdam

The highlight of the gay pride in Amsterdam is of course the Canal Parade. You can’t miss this show with more than 80 decorated boats passing by. Great DJ’s, dressed up dancers and drinking party goers make it a real gay pride in Amsterdam.

Canal Parade in Amsterdam

Because Amsterdam is a city where the LHBT community lives together with the city. The Canal Parade in Amsterdam is always on the first Saturday of August.

That same weekend there are free festivals such as the one near the Gay Monument (next to the Anne Frank House) and the Amstelveld. If you don’t want to miss anything, you can find all the information you need on the Pride website.

Of course there is also a closing party and where else could it be but to do this on the Dam? The middle of the city and the middle of the Gay Pride in Amsterdam.

Although the name suggests, this event is not set up as a protest as in the rest of the world. Instead there is a Pink Saturday in the Netherlands. This is held every year in a different city.

Pride Amsterdam is a festive event with the aim of celebrating freedom in Amsterdam. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the Pride Amsterdam. As a result, it was even voted the best Gay Pride celebration in Europe by the United States in 2008. In addition, the Amsterdam Pride has been declared the Best Public Event in the Netherlands in 2018.

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