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Every year it’s a big party with King’s Day in Amsterdam. It is the King’s birthday and that is celebrated, very much celebrated. April 27 of every year is the party. If you as a tourist have not prepared during your city trip, you do not know what will happen to you. But that will be in a good way!

All cities, all neighborhoods and all streets are decorated with flags and especially a lot of orange. Our Royal Family is nicknamed the “Oranges”. This is due to Willem van Oranje. Welcome to King’s Day in Amsterdam.

But during King’s Day in Amsterdam you will not experience much of this history. The event is mainly about partying, selling things on the free market and drinking. And especially that drinking during King’s Day happens everywhere. Especially during the day it is a pleasant place with the free market in the residential areas.

If you want to experience something special in Amsterdam, this is an event not to be missed.

Free Open Market

Everywhere on the street you see rugs with stuff from the elderly. Young children will do fun performances on the corners of the streets and in parks. Especially the cosiness while strolling on King’s Day is loved by the locals. As they walk along the canals, they roam the public free markets for that one pick that is still worth something to them.

King's Day in Amsterdam

In addition, you can buy something to eat and drink anywhere. Traders are only too happy to take advantage of the opportunity to earn some extra money.

Party Party Party

There are no big parties in the city center. However, you will find many cafes in the Jordaan that have a stage outside. And since the locals in Amsterdam do like a drink, there are plenty of beer taps. Ideal to quench your thirst.

King's Day in Amsterdam

Note that it will be busy. Before you know it you are in a busy crowd and you cannot escape the exuberant crowd. That little walk across the bridge can then take a very long time. But as long as it is fun, nothing is wrong.

The partying and drinking actually starts during King’s Night in Amsterdam. The night before King’s Day, most clubs and bars have special theme parties for the real party people. These parties start on April 26. And actually King’s Day did not end until late April 28th.

The King

The King himself will not meet you soon with his family. They go to another municipality to do fun activities with the local population. And although King Pils himself likes a beer, you will not find him drunk.

King's Day in Amsterdam

Please pay a bit of attention as Queen’s Day in Amsterdam used to be on the 30th of April. But that was with our former Queen Beatrix. Due to that switch she is a princes ones again.

There are of course many more Events in Amsterdam during the year. How about Amsterdam Gay Pride or the Amsterdam Light Festival.

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