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Welcome to New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam. Remember the old year and embrace the new year in Amsterdam. Of course, party until you drop.

New Year's Eve in Amsterdam

Although Amsterdam is really a city where you can go out and party, during New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam there are no big public parties in Amsterdam.

Festivals and Parties

Of course you have big organized New Year festivals just outside the center. But in the city itself you’ll have to rely on the clubs with their New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam theme. Pay attention that you have to buy tickets for every club. Normally you can get in for free.

New Year's Eve in Amsterdam

But once inside, your New Year’s Eve party is on! The biggest DJ’s can of course be found at the big clubs. But also the small locations often have a surprisingly good program.

You can check out the IAmsterdam website for up to date information about New Year’s in Amsterdam.

Public Places

If you want to be outdoors during New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam, it is advisable to join the larger crowd. Popular locations for the people are of course Dam Square, Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein and the Nieuwmarkt.

Contrary to what you expect, there is no big countdown program. It’s best to just watch until midnight and wish people a happy New Year with loud cheers.

And then you suddenly hear fireworks go up everywhere. The city of Amsterdam will be illuminated by the most beautiful fireworks. And of course you will hear the champagne corks popping everywhere.

Welcome to the new year in Amsterdam. You’ll be talking about this for a long time to come.


During the holidays, the Accommodations in Amsterdam are quickly fully booked. So be on time to wake up the next day in a relaxed way and realize what a great night you’ve had.

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