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It’s almost time for the Pride in Amsterdam 2019. This year it will be held from July 27 to August 4, 2019 is Pride Amsterdam. The LHBT event to attend.

Pride in Amsterdam 2019

Although LHBT is the main note during the Pride in Amsterdam, this is a party for really everyone. It is about acceptance and celebrating freedom. And like any event there is a theme. This year’s theme during the Gay Pride “Remember The Past, Create The Future”.

Remember The Past, Create The Future

This theme is based on the riots of 50 years ago in New York. Of course better known as the Stonewall riots. For the LHBT movement this was a dividing line in history. Because The Stonewall Inn gay bar was harassed by the Metropolitan Police for years. In June 1969, the gay men, lesbians and transvestites decided to fight back. Due to that reason the LHBT movement was a fact and fortunately it turned out to be more than just a movement.

Finally a year later, the first official Pride Parade in the world was held in New York. Have you had your history lesson for today?

Pride Amsterdam 2019

That was the past. Now the present of the Pride in Amsterdam 2019. What is there to do during this event. On the Events Calendar of the Pride you can find the complete overview. While we luckily have a selection of a number of Gay Pride events.

The kick-off during Pride Park 2019 in the Vondelpark on Saturday 27 July is of course a must. On the same Saturday you will also find the Pride Walk 2019 from the Gay Monument. Both events also have a special Youth Pride for young people.

Pride Park in Amsterdam 2019

Throughout the week there are several shows such as the autobiographical movie “Fun Home” and photo exhibition “Glitter in the Air”.

Everything is working towards the closing weekend where you can go crazy with parties. We call this the Streetparties 2019. Where there is a lot inside, these events are all outside. The highlight is of course the Canal Parade 2019.

Are you a bit tired of all these pink events after 10 days? Luckily we have more Events in Amsterdam.

For the real die hards who might be lucky it could be that the INK Hotel Amsterdam is transformed back into the PINK Hotel Amsterdam.

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