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There it is, the first blog on Amsterdam.Company. Well, it’s not a real blog yet. It is primarily a piece of text about the start and all that still needs to be done. My first letters on the web and hopefully a long and fun run to enjoy.

December 2018 it was wet and cold, the bright idea came to mind to start a website about the city where I was born and raised. Unfortunately I no longer live there, but luckily I still work there. Because Amsterdam is such a beautiful city. Sometimes a bit busy, how controversial it is, with tourists, but authentic.

There it is, The First Blog - Amsterdam.Company

Amsterdam has lots of nice canals and beautiful streets. Add to that the old buildings with a rich and cultural history and it is actually a world city. Enough to blog about the old city but also about new things comming up.

The search had begun for hosting, a theme and more importantly, knowledge!

The layout is now online, the first pages are on it but the essence of the site is still missing and that is of course content! That too will be fine soon. That is why Amsterdam.Company is always looking for Contributors and Guest Bloggers.

Wow, another website about Amsterdam.

Yes, I realize that I am not the only one. Even worse, there are very large players on the market that dominate these, so I doubt that this will work. But I also think there is always room for others. It depends on which direction you are heading and what your expectations are. Not everything will be equally interesting and unique, but it’s how you put it into words.

I was already surprised that Amsterdam.Company was still available, because in my view this is basically a good alternative to other large domain names that are already occupied.

And this isn’t my full-time job either, luckily I still have a normal job. It is a hobby that got out of hand and I hope I can one day reap some rewards.

Content, content, content

The blank pages actually frustrate me. But filling everything 1 by 1 is a hell of a job, but I do not yet have the skills to fill it in one go using difficult codes.

The intention is that the following can be found on Amsterdam.Company:

All sorts of thoughts are playing in my mind to expand this now. Is there a demand for information for expats or is there enough interest in general information such as safety, care, housing, etc

What I do know is that it is all too much to put online immediately. I think that part of the success is patience too, and I find that rather difficult.

The Future

Ultimately, I hope that Amsterdam.Company is a nice addition to the current range and that I can share a nice site with enough and interesting information with a small team.

By the way, if you have (blog) ideas or want to share something, you can do so in the comments below or via the Contact Page if you prefer personal contact.

Thanks for now and hope to see you soon!

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