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About Amsterdam.Company is a page about the website and made by an “Amsterdammer”. The website started by a local individual and his passion for Amsterdam, but currently living in a town just outside the city.

By the way my name is Patrick. Nice to meet you!

About Amsterdam.Company - Amsterdam.Company

Still lucky that I work in Amsterdam and enjoy the city in different ways as much as I can. With plenty of ideas to work on, it is hard to keep the focus at one point at a time.

I started the website as a hobby which got out of control very fast, meaning that in my mind it’s a big spider web with every kind of information you can image. But in reality it would never be finished.

Main problem is that I want to write blogs (not very good at them to be honest) and create rich content database (also not good at) at the same time. While I actually need to learn how to make Amsterdam.Company fully operational.

That is why I will always be open minded in joining forces with others to work together on this site. Amsterdam.Company Needs You! Besides that I would also appreciated articles from Guest Bloggers with there honest blog and opinion about the city. This can be one time city trippers, expats or locals. Don’t hesitate to get in Contact.

For business opportunities please visit our Advertise page.

For now I would say : That’s All Folks!

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