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There are a few different ways which you can use to work with us. Advertise on Amsterdam.Company is a good way to reach a specific public which has a direct link with Amsterdam. Advertorial blogs and advertisement true blog websites has a positive effect for your own website as your SEO will increase.

Advertising Price Plan

There are different ways to advertise on this website. No difficult constructions but an open and fair rate policy.

Advertise on Amsterdam.Company
  • Article or advertorial blog
  • Advertising space like banners
  • Link building
  • Review or barter deals
  • Win action

Article or advertorial blog

An article or advertorial is a great way to gain exposure. It is a natural way of giving information and includes a clean link. This costs € 100,-. As long as the website stays online your blog and link stays online. Therefore the website link you provide most be a working one, otherwise it will be deleted. This is why your article must follow these rules:

  • At least 400 words, of course without using spam (text can be changed for better SEO)
  • Provided images must be of good quality and free of copyright
  • The advertorial / article must be an unique one and certainly not a copy of an other one
  • Maximum of 2 links per article / advertorial. If there is a relevant link on our site (not sponsored) we also place an internal link.

Would you rather write the advertorial by us, an extra € 25,- will be charged.

Advertising Blocks

On Amsterdam.Company there are multiple places for advertising possibilities like banners. Maybe you would like to show your ad on those spots? Then please get in touch with us for a personal pricing. The prices of these kind of places are completely depending on duration, number of pages and categories where we can show them. We are also pleased to give you a personal advertise price quote.

Link Building

Also link building can add value to your own site in various ways. As mentioned above it is possible to have an article with links to your website. Of course it is possible on Amsterdam.Company to do link building for the travel industry. But also for zoos, amusement parks, day trips and museums we can apply link building.

One of the ways is a link in an existing article (no sponsored articles of course). The costs for this are € 40,- . All links remain online as long as the website exists. For multiple links there is a discount, get in contact with us with your number of links and we will send a price quote.

Review or Barter Deals

We are certainly open to reviews or barter deals. First of all we like to review: Accommodations, restaurants or Attractions. We then write an honest review about it which we place on our site. For that reason a link to the website of the client can be included if desired.

We also always provide unique visual material that we shoot ourselves at the location where we may come and review. We like to review travel related products if it fits our blog. Interested to let us review something? Please contact us for the possibilities.

Examples of barter deals:


With a win you can of course quickly get a large advertise reach. Placing a giveaway costs € 50, -. We will therefore promote the content via our social media channels and our blog. The sales value of the article or stay to be won must be at least € 50, -. Certainly other conditions can be discussed in consultation.

For all opportunities contact us on : info[@]amsterdam.company and you will be contacted soon

Want to write non advertising articles, maybe you are interest in becoming a Guest Blogger. Contributing to the website itself you can go to the Needs You page.

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