Writing as a guest blogger about a subject that has your interest is the most fun thing to do. Your stories about your travels to Amsterdam is not only interesting for you, as a guest blogger, but it is also nice when your experiences can be read on other blogs.

Would you like to write a blog about Amsterdam ? What you have done during your trip ? Which places you have visited or hidden gems you have unveiled ? Please get in touch with us.

Guest Blogger - Amsterdam.Company

We accept almost all guest bloggers for our website. This can be writers that would like to have there stories post on a regular bases, incidental and even for a one time blogpost.

Your own blog of guest blogging ?

Having your own blog or website is fun but needs also a bit of technical knowledge about websites. Writing a guest blog requires also specific knowledge. To make it easy for a guest blogger, this website takes care of all the technical things. You can focus on blogging.

A One Time Blog?

It would be really great if you want to write guest blogs for this website on a regular base. But it is also possible to write your words on paper for a one time blog about Amsterdam. There are a few rules when doing a single blog post. The subject of your blog most go about your visit to Amsterdam. You can also pick out a single subject like (certain) Musea, Accommodation, Events and such things. The most important rule is that you must have experienced this yourself.

Already own a blog site?

If you already own a blog website and want to increase your public then you are also welcome on Amsterdam.Company. You will of course have a link back to your website and get full credits for your article.

How to get your blog on Amsterdam.Company?

If you need just a bit more of information before starting as a guest blogger than you can send us an email on the same email address and you will get a reply as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind when you send in your contribution you automatically agree to have it post without restrictions to it. For SEO purposes it is possible that minor changes can be added to your text. The better SEO the more readers.

Please also include some pictures if available. A photo says more than a thousand words. You are a fanatic blogger and your post is already finished, then you can send it right away to:


Advertorial articles?

A one time blog as a guest on our blog page can’t be an advertorial or promotional blog. This would be an advertorial article. This is possible but please read the Advertising Page for this subject.

Joining the Team

Want to work on Amsterdam.Company on a different way like adding content or working on monthly events, please visit the Needs You page.

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