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There are plenty of things to do in Amsterdam. Just like in every city. Nobody needs to be bored and there is something to do for everyone. In addition, Amsterdam would not attract as many people to the city if it was boring. So come and enjoy all the fun the city has to offer.

Things To Do in Amsterdam

So when you don’t have any ideas yet about the things to do in Amsterdam, just have a look at the options below.


If there is anything it is known for, it is the Museums in Amsterdam. From museums to history, the origins of Amsterdam to modern museums and even an interactive museum for the little ones. So therefore in Amsterdam culture, art and education really come together.


Attractions in Amsterdam are best purchased online for the major tourist visitors. To ensure that you do not have to stand in a long line, many attractions have so called skip-the-line rules. Sometimes an attraction also offers time slots so that you can continue walking in one go.

Walking Tour

Walking through the streets during a Walking Tour in Amsterdam is a good way to discover in a quiet way. Enjoy strolling or stepping through firmly. You go where the guide takes you. However, it is of course also possible to indicate specific wishes. Then choose the walk that suits you best. Generally suitable for any age.

Bike Tour

It is almost impossible not to go on a Bike Tour in Amsterdam. The city is known for its cycling and there are reportedly more than there are residents. Besides that walking through the city you will discover many beautiful things and see why the bicycle is the ideal mean of transport for the inhabitants.

Canal Boat Cruise

Enjoy a Canal Boat Cruise in Amsterdam over the rippling water. Who would not want that. Meanwhile see the city in a different way and relax. The best thing is that you actually see the city pass by. You will also hear a lot of information from your captain or guide during the boat trip.

Events in Amsterdam

Like each city with many visitors there are always enough events to visit or enjoy. That is why there is a separate Events Page which we try to update as much as possible. If you have found an interesting and recurring event, please let us know.

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