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Nothing more relaxing than a canal boat cruise in Amsterdam to discover the city. With a canal cruise you can sail the canals of Amsterdam. Only this time you will see all the canal houses from below. Because of this you see the city as never before.

Canal Cruise Boat in Amsterdam

Since almost every canal boat cruise in Amsterdam is centrally located, there is always one to be found near your Hotel, Bed and Breakfast or Hostel.

You can choose from various types of canal cruises. Are you more of a standard cruise or do you prefer a dinner cruise. Even a wine tasting cruise is available.

You can of course combine a relaxed round trip very well with a Walking Tour or Bike Tour. Active and relaxed at the same time!

Amsterdam City Canal Cruise

Amsterdam City Canal Cruise

On a 75-minute city canal cruise, glide along the iconic canals of Amsterdam. Get aboard on a luxurious boat. As you take in the scenery of bridges and historical houses. Meanwhile see for yourself why Amsterdam’s canal ring has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll come across both new buildings and old bridges.

Prices and current information: Amsterdam City Canal Cruise

Amsterdam Dinner Cruise

Amsterdam Dinner Cruise

Learn about Amsterdam and its top attractions on a 2-hour evening canal cruise. First of all enjoy on board commentary plus a 4-course dinner! After a welcome drink of Kir Royale (Champagne with blackcurrant liquor), cruise around town. While hearing tales of city sights like the Anne Frank House. As the sun goes down over sights such as the Flower Market.

Prices and current information: Amsterdam Dinner Cruise

1-Hour Luxury Canal Tour

1-Hour Luxury Canal Tour

The best way of seeing historical Amsterdam is from the water. Join us on our 1 hour luxury canal tour on a small open boats. Our boats are 100% electric and quiet. Our pickup location is in Amsterdam city centre at the Anne Frank house. It can be busy so book your tickets online for a guaranteed place.

Prices and current information: 1-Hour Luxury Canal Tour

Private Tour: Champagne Canal Cruise

Private Tour Champagne Canal Cruise

Explore Amsterdam’s canals on a 1.5-hour private champagne cruise. The only party on board the classic electrically powered historical Salon Boat “WELMOED”. Above all you can bring 1 to 12 passengers. Enjoy the luxury feel of the 1920s together with your private group. Of course with a fine glass of champagne in your hands. Certainly the best way to celebrate your stay in Amsterdam!

Prices and current information: Champagne Canal Cruise

Evening Canal Cruise

Evening Canal Cruise

Join this 1.5-hour evening cruise with bar service through romantic Amsterdam. Meanwhile see the city’s illuminated buildings, bridges and boats from the canals. Sit back and glide past the magical sights in candlelight. Finally enjoy an almost fairytale like appearance of the city. Thousands of lights highlight the hundreds of bridges.

Prices and current information: Evening Canal Cruise

Candlelight Cruise including Wine and Cheese

Amsterdam Candlelight Cruise including Wine and Cheese

This 2-hour evening canal cruise brings you through Amsterdam’s famous canal district. Certainly you will enjoy your savor wine and famous Dutch cheese. While you take in Amsterdam’s historical architecture. Listen to the on board guides insightful commentary. Learn more about sights such as the Golden Bend and the Red Light District.

Prices and current information: Candlelight Cruise including Wine and Cheese

Private Cruise on Small Historic Boat

Private Cruise on Small Historic Boat

This small historic boat will bring you to all the famous sightseeing in Amsterdam. When you are on board of this private cruise you will enjoy a complimentary coffee and Dutch delight. Get of the beaten path and avoid the big tourist tracks. Your skipper is also your experienced guide on this boat tour.

Prices and current information: Private Cruise on Small Historic Boat

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