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Always a handy overview with the most important museums in Amsterdam. Not just to know what art, culture or relaxation you should have seen during your visit. But also to quickly get tickets online from the right museums to visit.

As an extra bonus for not having to wait long at the ticket booths of the various museums in Amsterdam. Another reason is you can walk past the line with your Skip-The-Line museum tickets.

Many of these musea are very near our best Hotels in Amsterdam. That’s why you can easily reach them by Public Transportation in Amsterdam.


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The museum of the Netherlands is the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Renovated years ago and now a historic and leading building. Not only from the inside with all the beautiful art to discover. But also from the outside as a static and impressive building. Here you will find art and history from the Middle Ages to the contemporary Mondrian.

Prices and current information: Rijksmuseum

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

Order your ticket for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. As the museum is only accessible with an online ticket with an entrance time, it is important to book early. Of course you will find Vincent’s paintings in the Van Gogh Museum which you should not miss during your visit. The multimedia tour is available in 11 languages.

Prices and current information: Van Gogh Museum

Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is the largest for contemporary and modern design and art. The extensive collection of the Stedelijk comes from the most prominent artists. Big names such as Gerrit Rietveld, Yayoi Kusama, Piet Mondriaan and Roy Lichtenstein have their collection visible to the public here.

Prices and current information: Stedelijk Museum

Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Museum is located in a beautiful and well maintained 16th-century building. Discover how the city developed from the Golden Age to the Nazi era. The Amsterdam Museum is a treasure trove of the city with countless art and objects that tell the story of the city. In addition, there are different types of exhibitions during the year.

Prices and current information: Amsterdam Museum

National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum Amsterdam

The Maritime Museum in Amsterdam houses a maritime collection of around 400,000 objects. Hardly anywhere in the world can you find such a large maritime collection. That is why the Maritime Museum and the various exhibitions are a visit that you really have to plan. A large part of Dutch culture is determined by the sea. With more than 500 years of history at sea.

Prices and current information: National Maritime Museum

Jewish Historical Museum

Jewish Historical Museum

The Jewish Historical Museum is housed in four special synagogues in the Jewish Cultural Quarter. The museum is of course in the heart of Amsterdam. Of course completely devoted to Jewish culture, religion and history. For that reason the connection with the city. The starting point is to make the Jewish story accessible. Finally doing this in a positive way for the widest possible audience.

Prices and current information: Jewish Historical Museum

Museum of the Canals

Museum of the Canals

Discover the history of the canals in Amsterdam. The Museum of the Canals provides a nice explanation of the influence of the canals on Amsterdam. Discover what this means for the development of the city. That’s the place were money is earned and art made. Starting in the 1600’s until now. The canals make the city of Amsterdam.

Prices and current information: Museum of the Canals

When you are done visiting the museums in Amsterdam, then it is time to discover more. That is why with the Things To Do page you will never get bored. Maybe getting some air with a nice Walking Tour or Bike Tour.

If you can’t find the right museum ticket, then of course you can go to our Ticket Page.

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