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There are different ways in which you can use transportation in Amsterdam. The road network fits well around the Randstad, with the A10 motorway as a guideline. This runs all around Amsterdam. This is the basis for transporting many tourists who come to Amsterdam.

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Public transport

Public transportation in Amsterdam is one of the best transportation networks in a city in the world. The wide network of buses, subways, trams and trains ensure a good supply of people and goods. Read more about Public Transport in Amsterdam.

Canal Boats

Amsterdam has more canals and bridges than Venice has. It is therefore not illogical that a lot is being done over the canals. In addition to seeing the city in a different way from the canals, a round trip is also a nice way of transport in Amsterdam. Go to our Canal Boat in Amsterdam page for more information about this.


There are more bicycles in Amsterdam than there are residents. It is not for nothing that it is the number 1 means of transport for the city itself. In addition to being a fast means of transportation, it is also a fun way to explore the city. To experience this unique experience, visit our Bike Tour in Amsterdam page.


With more than 3000 thousand taxis, there is always a driver available to transport you to your destination. The taxis must all have visible permits.

In addition, the tariff information must be clear and visible. The taxis in Amsterdam can be recognized by the blue license plates. Unlike private vehicles that carry yellow license plates. In addition, many taxis are affiliated with Uber. Read more on the Taxis in Amsterdam page.


Parking in Amsterdam is almost nowhere expensive as here. Take a good look at Google where you can park cheaper outside the city center or maybe just outside the city. It is sometimes cheaper to switch to public transport there. Rates can go up to 7.50 euros per hour for parking.


While there is enough for you to discover, Amsterdam is not a very wide spread city. Therefore it is for everyone very easy to reach there Accommodation in Amsterdam with public transport or there own way of transportation.

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