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It can be useful to take travel preparations to Amsterdam. With a few preparations your vacation to Amsterdam will be a lot more pleasant. Many travelers go on a city trip without preparing. That is of course only a problem when something goes wrong. However, it is always possible to minimize the chance of setbacks.

Travel Preparations to Amsterdam

Fortunately we have a number of tips available for you. Travel preparations to Amsterdam can get you out of trouble.


Most people do not need a Visa to go to Amsterdam. However, there are enough countries where a visa requirement does apply to Amsterdam. Without the right papers it may just be that you will be returned immediately upon arrival. If necessary, arrange the right visa on time before you arrive in Amsterdam. You can’t be illegal before you arrive


There is nothing as changeable as the Weather in Amsterdam. One moment the sun shines and before you know it rains. In addition, it can freeze considerably in the winter. In the summer, on the other hand, it can get very warm again. Every season has its charms for a trip to the city. Prepare yourself for the right weather type.

Alcohol and Drugs

Although Amsterdam has the image of Alcohol and Drugs, there are still quite strict rules for its use. Many tourists who get into trouble are the ones who think that anything is allowed. However, the opposite is true. Amsterdam doesn’t allow everything with alcohol and drugs. The city is not a big public mecca for party goers.

Over Crowded

While the city of Amsterdam is great to visit and it really gives you the feeling to be in an intimate city trip. There is a down side for this. Before you plan your travellings, please check if there are any big Events in Amsterdam. Because this can really mess up your plans if Public Transportation and such isn’t available.

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