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It seems the ideal combination with alcohol and drugs in Amsterdam. Contrary to what tourists think, the use of alcohol and drugs is subject to strict rules.

Alcohol and Drugs in Amsterdam

Of course, since the tolerance policy on drugs, Amsterdam has created the image of a party city. However, be aware that a great deal is not permitted in particular.

In addition, there are about as many pubs as streets, but alcohol consumption is restricted to rules. Know the rules before using alcohol and drugs in Amsterdam.


Alcohol in Amsterdam is available almost everywhere. Not only in the bars but also in every supermarket. Since a number of years you have to identify yourself if you are under 25 years old, this also applies to tourists.

It is Forbidden to Drink on the street in some areas like the Red Light District and both Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein.

On a few special days you will find some exceptions to the rules. This are days like the Gay Pride, King’s Day and New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam.

Both the police and municipal enforcement take action against violations.

Just be wise too. Make sure that you do not cause any troubles under the influence of alcohol, because there is a zero tolerance policy. If you are arrested while you are drunk on the street, you will immediately have to pay the fine the next day. And they are not tender.


The general picture is of course that drugs are available on every corner in Amsterdam. Note, however, that all drugs are still illegal in Amsterdam. This means that marijuana and joints are still punishable. However, these are tolerated.

There are of course a number of Rules Attached to this. For example, drugs are only allowed in coffee shops while it is not permitted on the street. In coffeeshops you can not buy alcohol.

All other types of drugs are not allowed in Amsterdam. There are many drug sellers on the street. These offer their value especially at the entertainment venues. Do not comment on this and ignore them. In addition to being punishable, chances are very high that you will buy fake drugs.

This can be detergent, crushed peppermint, sugar or other junk. In addition, there is a good chance that you can be robbed. If you still want to use drugs, go to one of the many coffee shops.

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