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The weather in Amsterdam can change from one moment to the next. Here you can read more about the climate and weather in Amsterdam. You can also choose the correct travel period based on this data.

Weather in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a temperate maritime climate, just like the rest of the Netherlands. In general, the winters in Amsterdam are mild in terms of temperature. In addition, the summer months in Amsterdam are pleasant.

The weather in Amsterdam does not have many extremes. However, it sometimes happens that there are cold winters or hot summers.


There is an even amount of rain in Amsterdam during the year. Only late in the winter until early in the spring does the amount of rain decrease a bit. Although the summer months in Amsterdam are pleasant, the chance of rainfall is very high. The advantage is that the rain showers are generally short and powerful. In the winter months there is also a chance of hail and snow.

In the autumn months it is advisable to bring an umbrella, since the chance of showers is then the greatest.

The chances of thunderstorms in Amsterdam are greatest in the summer. Although these thunderstorms occur every now and then, they are not very extreme.

When to Visit

Amsterdam is therefore the most visited between April and September with the highlight being July and August.

Temperature in Amsterdam

The average maximum temperature in Amsterdam is around 22 degrees in the summer months. While the average maximum temperature in Amsterdam in the winter months is around 6 degrees.

Besides the weather in Amsterdam, there are more reasons to have good Travel Preparations.

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